Fall Weather Safety

Welcome to meteorological fall and National Preparedness Month.  NOAA and the National Weather Service want to first thank all of our volunteers and organizations that helped spread life-saving messages across Texas, Louisiana and Florida in response to Hurricane Harvey and Irma.   We are hoping for the best to SKYWARN® volunteers and groups recovering from the destruction.

Unfortunately, there is no time to rest.  The western states have been battling extreme heat, wildfires, and poor air quality. Severe storms have been making their way through the heartland.  And the hurricane season is hitting its peak time of the year. Now, as much as ever, we need you to spur action from communities across America this fall.

Know your risk, take action, and be a force of nature! Our Fall Weather Safety presentation features tips for dealing with fall hazards: drought, floods, fog, hurricanes, tsunamis, wind, wildfire, and winter weather. This fall, get informed and be ready, responsive, and resilient to the hazards of extreme weather.

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Summer Safety

Severe weather in the United States causes numerous deaths and injuries and billions of dollars of damage.In a typical year, more than 1,200 tornadoes occur throughout the United States and nearly 12,000 reports of wind and hail are received from local law enforcement and the public. National Weather Service forecasters are the first line of defense in predicting severe weather.

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