Central Ohio Severe Weather Network (COSWN)

The Central Ohio Severe Weather Network (COSWN) supports the National Weather Service (NWS) and area public safety agencies when severe weather threatens or is present in central Ohio.  Our goal is to provide ground truth information to the NWS to enable the distribution of accurate and timely warning information for the general public.

Our area of responsibility includes the following counties in central Ohio:  Delaware, Fairfield, Franklin, Fayette, Hocking, Licking, Madison, Pickaway, Ross, Union.

Cleveland SKYWARN®

Cleveland SKYWARN® provides amateur radio support for the Cleveland Office of the National Weather Service. We use a wide-area 6 meter repeater that covers most of the county warning area to deliver reports from trained spotters in the field to forecasters in near real-time. This helps the forecasters issue more accurate warnings sooner, which in turn helps to ensure public safety. We operate out of the National Weather Service forecast office in Cleveland.

The county warning area is divided into six districts. During a severe weather event, each county will run a net that passes reports to a district net, and district nets pass reports to W8CLE. Cleveland SKYWARN® is coordinated by the National Weather Service in Cleveland and Cuyahoga County SKYWARN®.

Cuyahoga County SKYWARN®

Cuyahoga County SKYWARN® is responsible for coordinating the SKYWARN® spotters who are also licensed amateur radio operators. We ensure the timely collection of severe weather reports via two-way radio. Cuyahoga County SKYWARN® is also responsible for providing operators to staff the amateur radio station at the National Weather Service Office in Cleveland, Ohio to quickly relay severe weather reports to the forecasters.

Dayton SKYWARN® Section

Dayton SKYWARN’S sole purpose is to organize, train and operate a portion of the Amateur Radio’s part of the NWS SKYWARN program on behalf of the Wilmington WSFO. Amateur Radio Nets furnish the National Weather Service with visual spotter information when activated by NWS, during times of severe weather. Traditionally Dayton SKYWARN Net Control Operators are on call round the clock, by pager or cell, from late February to mid November. These volunteers not only give of their time but also they pay their own fees to maintain their pager or cell in order to be activated.

Preble Amateur Radio Association

Preble Amateur Radio Association is a general interest club located in west central Ohio. Established around 1978. Several of the founding members are still active nearly 40 years later.

We are active in SKYWARN® and operate the 145.470 100hz repeater in the Eaton, Ohio area.

Sandusky County SKYWARN®

Amateur Radio Emergency Service Sandusky County supports SKYWARN® with a network of trained severe storm spotters that observe weather conditions and make reports to the net control station in Fremont, Ohio (N8SCA). The reports are forwarded to the Northwest Ohio Skywarn Office in Toledo, Ohio who relays them to the Cleveland NWS.

Seneca County SKYWARN®

Here at Seneca County SKYWARN, we are committed to a single goal; we strive to keep our community safe when severe weather threatens. We have a wide range of volunteers, from Police, Fire and EMS, Amateur Radio Operators to local residents, all with one thing in common, Advanced Storm Warning for our community. We have been trained by The National Weather Service to better understand storms in order to protect lives and property. We are a group of volunteers working to protect those in our communities, while developing meaningful relationships with them.

Weather Amateur Radio Network

WARN is the amateur radio organization charged by the Wilmington, OH office of the the National Weather Service to collect and relay severe weather reports from Cincinnati area HAMs to the NWS. Membership in WARN is NOT required to submit reports. WARN is the local chapter of a national organization called SKYWARN®.