Along with the official National Weather Service forecasts, we strive to be the most informative and credible weather source for the Southwest Missouri area and for anyone having an interest in our regional weather. We are fully endorsed by the NWS, and we maintain a close working relationship with the NWS Forecast Office in Springfield, MO.

Our storm spotting experience ranges from one year to 40+ years. All members have various levels and types of additional training, experience, certification, or coursework including, but not limited to: Meteorology, earth science, atmospheric science, 911 dispatch, law enforcement, planetary sciences, fire sciences, firefighter, fire instructor, First Responder, EMT, CERT, journalism/broadcast media, computer/information systems technology, emergency communications, Red Cross communications, emergency operations management, radio traffic net control for both VoIP Hurricane nets and SKYWARN® Weather Nets.

St. Louis Metro SKYWARN®

St. Louis Metro SKYWARN® is a team of amateur radio operators managed by the St. Louis County Police Department Office of Emergency Management. This team activates a radio net when the National Weather Service indicates that there is severe weather in the area. It takes reports from trained weather spotters in St. Louis City and County, Missouri and then forwards these reports to the National Weather Service and the Office of Emergency Management.