Central Arkansas Radio Emergency Net (CAREN)

The Central Arkansas Radio Emergency Net (CAREN), and the Arkansas Weather Net, Inc. Spotters and net control operators of Arkansas SKYWARN® are licensed amateur radio operators. Our SKYWARN® nets are called up by the Severe Weather Forecaster on duty at the NWS, when severe weather approaches the area of responsibility of the North Little Rock office. This area is all of Arkansas with the exception of the NW, SW, SE, and NE corners, which are the responsibility of other adjacent NWS offices.

Eastern Oklahoma / Northwestern Arkansas SKYWARN®

We are a collection of volunteers and professionals that participate in the SKYWARN® Concept for the benefit of the counties served by the National Weather Service in Tulsa Oklahoma.

We have a volunteer group of people who serve on an Advisory board with members of the Weather Service and Emergency Managers, spotters, etc… to help improve communication and information flow, adopt and promote standards for severe weather warning networks, and encourage professionalism in the volunteer ranks. We also staff the HAM desk at the NWS Tulsa with qualified volunteer HAM’s during severe weather events.